SRC Customers

SRC customers include the Department of Defense, Defense Contractors, NASA, the Pentagon, and Fortune 500 technology and scientific companies as well as smaller companies. We have served in the aerospace, transit, medical, telecommunications, safety, and automotive communities to name a few.

The following examples illustrate pay-offs realized by customers as a result of SRC involvement:

  • Decreased component removals on average by 10-15% resulted in lower support costs and higher availability
  • SRC recommendations improved performance and reliability by 100-200%.
  • Redesigned equipment met customers 25 year life requirement.
  • System Reliability successfully grown from 27 hour MTBF to 40 hour MTBF
  • Preventative maintenance analysis resulted in annual savings of $83 milion and 12% increase in availability.
  • SRC helped prove ruggedized commercial equipment for use in military application.
  • Mean-time-between-maintenance-action increased by 20 hours to achieve maintainability requirement.
  • ESS test time reduced by 20 hours reducing costs, improving scheduling, and increasing efficiency.