Alion System Reliability Center

We're the Alion System Reliability Center (SRC). You know who we are. We operated the Reliability Analysis Center (RAC) under contract to the Department of Defense for 37 years. Now, we're bringing the same experience and technical skills directly to you, to better address your toughest challenges.

With more than 50 skilled engineers and technicians - the same people you've depended on for years- the Alion SRC provides expert support, publications, training, databases and tools to improve your bottom line and meet your customer and mission requirements:

  • System life cycle cost optimization
  • Effective test strategy and regimen design
  • Practical tools for engineers, including our PRISM® system reliability assessment software
  • Failure data analysis for customized engineering solutions

While our name may be different, what hasn't changed is our dedication to providing the products and services you need to increase profitability, reduce costs, and meet company/mission goals.

You set high standards for reliability, maintainability, supportability and quality. To maintain those standards, you often need expert assistance.

Contact the Alion SRC today. We look forward to continuing to work with you. Whether you have a specific, short-term task or you're launching a complete reliability program, we're ready to help you improve readiness, availability and total cost of ownership. (Remember to look for SRC e-News in your inbox for industry updates and advances).