Related Centers-of-Excellence

Alion operates several centers-of-excellence in a wide range of technical disciplines. Many of the centers, while not specifically addressing reliability, maintainability and quality, cover subjects that impact, or are impacted by SRC's subject areas.

Center Subject Potential Value to SRC Users

Advanced Materials, Manufacturing & Testing IAC External Link
Advanced materials and processes (metals and metal matrix composites, ceramic and ceramics matrix composites, organic structural and organic matrix materials, electronic/optical/photonics materials, environmental and special function materials). Failure mechanisms related to relevant materials

Weapon Systems Technology IAC External Link
Delivery systems, command and control: GPS, intelligence, targeting R&M characteristics of specific system types

Modeling and Simulation Information Analysis Center External Link
Integrated support activity for the use, employment, and sustainment of modeling and simulation Reliability engineering models and simulation software

Riverbank Acoustical Laboratories External Link
Acoustical Measurement 75 years experience in acoustical measurement. Source of valid acoustical data.
R & B Laboratory External Link Electromagnetic Compatability (EMC) EMC-related engineering, training, testing, and analysis