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Topic: PRISM Questions and Answers
Topic Posted by: SRC ( )
Organization: SRC
Date Posted: Wed Jan 12 8:33:33 US/Eastern 2000
Topic Description: Welcome to the PRISM forum! Please feel free to post your questions and comments about the PRISM assessment software here.

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Posted by: Tammy T Sehn ( )
Date posted: Tue Nov 7 11:37:34 US/Eastern 2000
Subject: PRISM 1.2 Installation Notes
PRISM 1.2 has been released! Thank you to all the users who have been very helpful in making PRISM better. Most importantly are some installation notes for our upgrading users: If at any time during the installation you receive a message indicating that a file should be overwritten and cannot be, please select the ignore option and procede with the installation. No harm will come from doing this. Secondly, if after you have installed PRISM and you receive an message regarding ODBC, please open the Utilities folder on your cd-rom and run the file named mdac_typ.exe. This will install the 2.5 upgrade from Microsoft of their MDAC components. Please feel free to contact me if you should have any questions or concerns regarding the installation of PRISM. Tammy

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Subject: PRISM Error 101 - InterBase
Reply Posted by: Tammy T Sehn ( )
Organization: RAC
Date Posted: Mon Nov 20 10:05:54 US/Eastern 2000
An error 101 indicates many things. Start with the InterBase Server. Is it running? On an NT go to the services and check. On a 95/98 check for an icon on your start bar. The icon will look like a computer tower with a green ball next to it. If it is not there or the service is not running, check that InterBase is installed correctly. To do this, go to the location of the InterBase directory. Open the folders for InterBase and Bin. In the Bin folder you will see many files. If not, InterBase did not uninstall properly and therefore could not reinstall. You will need to uninstall PRISM and reinstall the WHOLE product. If InterBase is installed properly, you need to have the server started. For NT machines this means the service must be started up. For 95/98 machines, the registry key will need to be checked and/or created. The same is true for a 95/98 machine. If instructions are required, please email for these instructions. Tammy

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