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Topic: PRISM Questions and Answers
Topic Posted by: SRC ( )
Organization: SRC
Date Posted: Wed Jan 12 8:33:33 US/Eastern 2000
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Posted by: Patricia ( )
Date posted: Tue Dec 3 16:03:58 US/Eastern 2002
Subject: IC Failure Rate Changes due to Temp Rise
Hi, I noticed that if I add a value for temperature rise to a linear IC, the failure rate decreases. If a component adds heat to a system, shouldn't the failure rate increase??? Your help in answering this question is greatly appreciated! Thank you, Patty


Subject: IC Failure Rate Changes due to Temp Rise
Reply Posted by: David Dylis ( )
Organization: Reliability Analysis Center (RAC)
Date Posted: Tue Dec 3 17:33:27 US/Eastern 2002
Yes, as the temperature rise for a linear circuit increases the failure rate for that device in PRISM does increase. The reason that you may be seeing a decrease in failure rate is that your temperature rise input most likely was less than the PRISM default temperature rise value for that specific device. If you have further questions, feel free to contact me.

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