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Topic: PRISM Questions and Answers
Topic Posted by: SRC ( )
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Date Posted: Wed Jan 12 8:33:33 US/Eastern 2000
Topic Description: Welcome to the PRISM forum! Please feel free to post your questions and comments about the PRISM assessment software here.

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Posted by: Anuradha ( )
Organization:TVS Electronics
Date posted: Tue Jul 22 11:05:39 US/Eastern 2003
Subject: PRISM component reliability prediction
I had installed demo version of PRISM,I want to predict the reliability of a transistor.Even though the case temperature measurement of the device says TJ 85 degree as against 150 degree, i am subjecting the Voltage stress greater than 100%. VCE stress is disabled in the demo software. Will it be disabled in the Purchased software also (or) will it be enabled?


David Dylis Subject: Collector to Emitter Voltage (VCE)
Reply Posted by: ( )
Organization: Reliability Analysis Center
Date Posted: Wed Jul 23 7:03:03 US/Eastern 2003
To activate VCE stress in the PRISM software you must uncheck the "use percentages" option on the model parameters window for a transistor. Once this is unchecked PRISM (including the demo) will allow you to input actual rated and applied VCE stresses for a transistor. If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact me.

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