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Topic Posted by: SRC ( )
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Date Posted: Wed Jan 12 8:33:33 US/Eastern 2000
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Posted by: vallon ( )
Date posted: Wed Nov 3 10:15:31 US/Eastern 2004
Subject: Power MOSFET reliability data
I search some reliability data about power semiconductor like Power MOSFET (70V, 100A) or power IGBT (600V, 100A). these kind of device was used in power inverter (DC-AC converter)and work in switching mode (ON-OFF). Thank


Subject: IGBT Failure Rates
Reply Posted by: David Dylis ( )
Organization: Reliability Analysis Center
Date Posted: Thu Nov 4 14:36:27 US/Eastern 2004
We have some data for IGBT that was based on 100,000 modules that have been in the field for over five years. The trend analysis of the failure returns indicates a failure rate of 100 fits for high power IGBT modules. I ran a calculation using the model in MIL_HDBK-217 and found that for a ground fixed condition the best case failure rate is 96 fits and the worst case is 384 fits. So, we have a pretty good match at 100 fits for low stressed devices. Switching on and off will increase the stress level, so if you have very high duty cycle you should consider a higher failure rate.

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