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Topic: PRISM Questions and Answers
Topic Posted by: SRC ( )
Organization: SRC
Date Posted: Wed Jan 12 8:33:33 US/Eastern 2000
Topic Description: Welcome to the PRISM forum! Please feel free to post your questions and comments about the PRISM assessment software here.

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Posted by: Thomas Urbanczyk
Organization:SystemA Engineering
Date posted: Fri Apr 15 8:19:53 US/Eastern 2005
Subject: Question: Process Grade Scoring
1.) I would like to know, if there is any documentation about the Process Grade Scoring available. In special I would like to know how the grade of answered questions does correlate to the corresponding Pi-factor of the process grade. As far as I can see, the grade of answered questions does not change the corresponding Pi-factor in a linear manner. That kind of knowledge would greatly improve my understanding about the way, how the list of questions for each process grade correlates to the expected defect rate in the end. And as a result it would make it quite easy to do "what if" studies for our customers based on MS-Excel, for different qualities of answered questions. 2.) Is there any system report available in the PRISM tool to state the made data input? For example the component detail system report does only show the calculated PI-factors. However our customers will have no use for that kind of information, however they would, if a report would state the made data input (e.g. capacitor: capacitance, rated/applied voltage). If it's not possible at the moment; is this feature possibly planned for a future version? Best regards, Thomas Urbanczyk


Subject: Process Grade Scoring
Reply Posted by: Norman B. Fuqua ( )
Organization: Alion Science adn Technology
Date Posted: Wed May 4 10:47:25 US/Eastern 2005
Question #1 Yes there is documentation but it is far to complex to post on the Forum. A copy can be emailed upon request. Question #2, There is currently no report that answers your specific question, but we have taken your suggestion under advisement.

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