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Date Posted: Wed Jan 12 8:33:33 US/Eastern 2000
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Posted by: Boutbien laurent ( )
Organization:MBDAM (Châtillon France)
Date posted: Wed Feb 27 4:59:54 US/Eastern 2002
Subject: query on Process Grade Score
Morning, First of all, thank you for your previous answer regarding the PRISM software guide. I am now able to have a better understanding of the PRISM philosophy analysis. However, I have now a new question concerning the relation between the Process Grade Score query and the corresponding Pi-Factor. Answering the different queries for the Process Grade Score, I have noticed that there is no corresponding between the software true figures and the expected tabulated figures summarised in tables I-4 (page 262) and H-10 (page 247). In order to illustrate this remark , please find herefafter the result of the simulation : Type Pi (software)Grade Pi (tables) Design 0,0419 78,3% 0,039 Manufacturing 0,0347 83,6% 0,034 Part Quality 0,0795 89,3% 0,075 Management 0,0020 89,5% 0,002 CND 0,1460 76,2% 0,134 Induced 0,0272 100% 0,009 Wearout 0,0229 100% 0,008 growth 0,927 100% not tabulated Infant Mortality 0,271 100% not tabulated please explain. Moreover, How can you justify constant value for the growth factor and infant mortality factor despite the existence of mathematical formulae for determining these factors (Pi function of time). Thank you for your assistance and help. Best Regards
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