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Date Posted: Wed Jan 12 8:33:33 US/Eastern 2000
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Posted by:Thomas Urbanczyk (thomas.urbanczyk "at" )
Organization:Systema Engineering
Date posted: Fri Jan 20 5:14:35 US/Eastern 2006
Subject: IC,Memory/Microprocessor Model
By performing a MTBF FaultTree breakdown (PRISM was used for MTBF data input), I noticed the following issue regarding the IC,Memory/Microprocessor Model as utilized for main processors: How is it possible, that the PRISM model of a highly complex microprocessor (e.g. Freescale PowerPC) will deliver a lower (baseline) item failure rate as the PRISM model of a lowcost And-Gate? Both components has been modelled with the same parameters. I would expect the defect rate of the microprocessor significant higher. Could you please explain this circumstance? Could you furthermore make a proposal, how to represent the complexity of such highly complex ICs versus simple AND-Gate ICs with the given options in PRISM? Best regards, Thomas Urbanczyk
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