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Date Posted: Wed Jan 12 8:33:33 US/Eastern 2000
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Posted by: Ralph Listl ( )
Date posted: Mon Feb 27 5:27:44 US/Eastern 2006
Subject: Prism Reliability Model
The Prism Reliability Model uses an initial failure rate multiplied by a process grade factor. The calculation of the inital failure rate for all via RACrates model supported items (Capacitors, Resistors...) makes use of a temperature dependent factor in their models. Therefor all base failure rates are temperature dependent. The process grade factor does also include an environment factor that is temperature dependent. If a complete system has been set up and the temperature is changed it influences the base failure rates as well as the process grade factor. From my point of view a temperature dependency should either be applied on the base failure rate or for the process grade factor but not on both, because this is double influence. A temperatue dependence on item level is understandable, but a temperature dependence on a process grade is for my understanding not correct. Could you please explain why the Prism model is set up like this?
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