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Topic Posted by: Reliability & Maintainability Forum ( )
Organization: System Reliability Center
Date Posted: Mon Aug 31 12:47:36 US/Eastern 1998

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Posted by: Mark Urban ( )
Organization:SDL Communications
Date posted: Thu Jan 21 13:57:05 US/Eastern 1999
Subject: Burn-in
Does burn in today buy you anything? We currently perform a static burn in with after burn test defects around 0.001%. Dynamic burn in has been suggested. What about HALT testing on prototypes and eliminating burn in on production lots. Any input would be much appreciated. Thanks, Mark


Subject: Burn-In
Reply Posted by: Bruce Dudley ( )
Organization: Reliability Analysis Center
Date Posted: Thu Jan 21 15:33:49 US/Eastern 1999
Looking at your low defect rate of 0.001%, it seems that the static burn-in test is either not stressing the units sufficiently or the quality is great. A dynamic burn-in test could add additional stress. If you continue to find few failures with a stress increased static test or a new dynamic test, then you should consider stopping the burn-in entirely. Burn-in testing is a functional test if there are lots of defects. On the other hand, HALT testing is usually done to find design and component deficiencies, not manufacturing and vendor defects.

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