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Topic Posted by: Reliability & Maintainability Forum ( )
Organization: System Reliability Center
Date Posted: Mon Aug 31 12:47:36 US/Eastern 1998

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Posted by: Stev Myers (sdmyers& )
Date posted: Sat Feb 12 22:25:16 US/Eastern 2000
Subject: Failure Rate Conversion
I have an MTBF figure for an LRU operating in A(IC) Airborne Inhabited Cargo enviroment of 6,000 hrs. I am going to operate it in the G(M) Ground Mobile enviroment. Does anyone know the conversion factor I use to translate A(IC) to G(M)?


Subject: Failure Rate Conversion
Reply Posted by: Steve Myers ( )
Organization: Rockwell Australia Pty Limited
Date Posted: Sun Feb 13 1:30:30 US/Eastern 2000
I went to Appendix E of the Reliability Toolkit: Commercial Practices Edition and for "Surface Mount Tech. Circuit Boards" got a conversion of 3.38. i.e. my MTBF in A(IC) was 6000 hrs in G(M) is 20280 hrs. Am I on the right track???

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