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Date Posted: Mon Aug 31 12:47:36 US/Eastern 1998

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Posted by: Ned H. Criscimagna ( )
Date posted: Fri Sep 25 15:26:46 US/Eastern 1998
Subject: Has DoD Deserted R&M?
Have Reliability and Maintainability Been Deserted by Dod? In the Second Quarter, 1998 issue of the RAC Journal (available on-line at URL ), my article on this subject appeared. The real question is what has motivated the DoD and military services to reduce their staffs dedicated to R&M? Even the Rome Laboratory (now the Air Force Laboratory Information Directorate) has relinquished its R&M role, a role not assumed by any other Air Force organization. What do you think prompted these actions? Do you see similar reductions in the numbers of R&M engineers employed in industry? If so, to what do you attribute these reductions? I really would like to hear your views.

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Subject: Reliability and reductions
Reply Posted by: J.J.Ward ( )StorageTek
Date Posted: Wed Nov 11 15:25:16 US/Eastern 1998
I do not think the concepts of R&M have been deserted by the Military establishment, rather we (R&M Engineers)have been given a new license to reinvent ourselves and our methods for producing and sustaining reliable products. In the recent past too many rel engineers pointed to the 217 numbers and said there was a design problem, too many rel engineers were dogmatic in there stances on issues, the interface between design and the support groups was nonexistent. This was a forcing function for change. We are now blessed with concepts like concurrent engineering and product development teams and cost as an independent variable. We now have an open license to impact design and avoid the exactness of military documentation dogma. We now have a chance at keeping up with the design process and trying out ideas in the early development phases. This is a great time for Rel engineers. Companies who do not value the R&M aspects of design will fail, product margins are not sufficient to absorb poor product designs. Life is good for our occupation an profits are good for those companies who appreciate our knowledge and leverage us to advantage. Remeber Logistics won the war and R&M is the backbone of logistics. Joe

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