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Date Posted: Mon Aug 31 12:47:36 US/Eastern 1998

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Posted by: Ned H. Criscimagna ( )
Date posted: Fri Sep 25 15:26:46 US/Eastern 1998
Subject: Has DoD Deserted R&M?
Have Reliability and Maintainability Been Deserted by Dod? In the Second Quarter, 1998 issue of the RAC Journal (available on-line at URL ), my article on this subject appeared. The real question is what has motivated the DoD and military services to reduce their staffs dedicated to R&M? Even the Rome Laboratory (now the Air Force Laboratory Information Directorate) has relinquished its R&M role, a role not assumed by any other Air Force organization. What do you think prompted these actions? Do you see similar reductions in the numbers of R&M engineers employed in industry? If so, to what do you attribute these reductions? I really would like to hear your views.

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Subject: I liked the response that Joe made--
Reply Posted by: Irving M. ("Mack") Baxter ( )
Organization: Widmer's Wine Cellars
Date Posted: Tue Dec 29 11:49:07 US/Eastern 1998
I am a novice at the REL field-- I used to be turned off by the 'dogma' that Joe refers to-- Now I see this field becoming more 'in touch with reality' (maybe that is harsh -- sorry, I did not mean to offend!--) I look forward to learning more-- I am enjoying trhe articles in the 3rd quarter '98 journal RAC-- Sincerely, 'Mack' Baxter

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