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Date Posted: Mon Aug 31 12:47:36 US/Eastern 1998

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Posted by: Juan C. Rodenas
Date posted: Mon Oct 9 7:53:56 US/Eastern 2000
Subject: Non-mechanical Reliability
We are a spanish company, just introducing on the reliability studies, due to our compromise at military sales. Right now, I am trying to obtain as much data as I can about this issues. I have found plenty of data for electronic reliability. The only reference I have about non-electronic reliability data is NPRD-95, but I have no idea of what class of mechanical data I will find in this data, prior to the adquisition.For example, I will need data about pump, hidraulyc valves, etc. Can somebody explain to me what kind of data I can expect to find in this book. or where can I obtain that information.


Subject: Non-Mechanical Reliability
Reply Posted by: Ed Sherwin ( )
Organization: RAC
Date Posted: Mon Oct 9 11:36:26 US/Eastern 2000
NPRD-95 is a RAC publication containing failure data on a wide variety of electrical, electro-mechanical, and mechanical parts/assemblies. It contains failure rate data, total failures, operating hours by Part Description, Quality Level, Application Environment and Data Source. Types and applications of pumps and hydraulic valves are extensively covered in this publication. NRPD-95 can be ordered fron the RAC by calling 1-800-526-4802.


Subject: Non-mechanical reliability
Reply Posted by: Jean-Marie Cloarec ( )LIGERON S.A.
Date Posted: Tue Oct 10 7:39:37 US/Eastern 2000
I agree with what Ed had wrote. But the information contains in NPRD95 are global informations. There is no mathematic sample, no physical description of the product. Personaly, for the components yoyr're speaking (pump, valves, ...), I use the following database : - EIREDA, - OREDA. I think you will find more information about these database and the NET. If you have problam, email me. Good luck.


Subject: Non electronic reliability
Reply Posted by: E AZIZA ( )BAE Systems - Rokar Int'l
Date Posted: Mon Jun 25 13:08:54 US/Eastern 2001
I don't know if the following information will still help you. You found plenty information concerning electronic items and I am sure that y've heard about MIL-HDBK 217 which is the electronic reliability prediction bible. A similar approach was developped and is dealing with the main mechanical devices - it's the mechanical 217. There is even a program software RELEX 217 that you can consult and even download a demo at RELEX site.

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