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Date Posted: Mon Aug 31 12:47:36 US/Eastern 1998

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Posted by: Juan C. Rodenas
Date posted: Mon Oct 9 7:53:56 US/Eastern 2000
Subject: Non-mechanical Reliability
We are a spanish company, just introducing on the reliability studies, due to our compromise at military sales. Right now, I am trying to obtain as much data as I can about this issues. I have found plenty of data for electronic reliability. The only reference I have about non-electronic reliability data is NPRD-95, but I have no idea of what class of mechanical data I will find in this data, prior to the adquisition.For example, I will need data about pump, hidraulyc valves, etc. Can somebody explain to me what kind of data I can expect to find in this book. or where can I obtain that information.

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Subject: Non electronic reliability
Reply Posted by: E AZIZA ( )BAE Systems - Rokar Int'l
Date Posted: Mon Jun 25 13:08:54 US/Eastern 2001
I don't know if the following information will still help you. You found plenty information concerning electronic items and I am sure that y've heard about MIL-HDBK 217 which is the electronic reliability prediction bible. A similar approach was developped and is dealing with the main mechanical devices - it's the mechanical 217. There is even a program software RELEX 217 that you can consult and even download a demo at RELEX site.

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