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Date Posted: Mon Aug 31 12:47:36 US/Eastern 1998

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Posted by: Ian
Date posted: Wed Nov 21 9:23:44 US/Eastern 2001
Subject: Memory MTBF's
Can anybody tell me what is a realistic MTBF value for standard 128Mb and 256 Mb of RAM type memory. Thanks in advance


Subject: Memory MTBF's
Reply Posted by: Paul Jaworski ( )
Organization: Reliability Analysis center
Date Posted: Wed Nov 21 17:05:06 US/Eastern 2001


 Hear are the failure rates for Field Failure data out of The Reliability Analysis Centers, Electronic Parts Reliability Data (EPRD-97).
 The Failure Rates have been converted to MTBF by years and hours.
 However at this time we have no way to differentiate between 128Mb and 256Mb.
 Some of the manufactures data books do present MTBFs.
 Part            Qual    App.    Failure      (MTBF)   (MTBF)
 Description     Level   Env.    rate/E*6       Hrs      Yrs
 EPRD-97 pg 2-115
 IC, Plastic, Memory                0.1393         7,178,750.9      819.5
 RAM, (Summary)     Commercial          0.0852    11,737,089.2    1,339.9
 EPRD-97 pg 2-183
 IC, Unknown, Memory,               0.1795         5,571,030.6      636.0
 RAM, (Summary)     Commercial GBC      0.1511     6,618,133.7      755.5
 Total Summary
 Unknown Qual levels                0.3188         3,136,762.9      358.1
 Commercial Qual levels                 0.2363     4,231,908.6      483.1
 GBC = Ground Benign Commercial

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