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Topic Posted by: Reliability & Maintainability Forum ( )
Organization: System Reliability Center
Date Posted: Mon Aug 31 12:47:36 US/Eastern 1998

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Posted by: Allan Brown ( )
Organization:Rams Consultants Ltd.
Date posted: Wed Nov 28 13:00:39 US/Eastern 2001
Subject: Heater failure rate data
Does anyone have failure rate data for heater elements (1300C) made from thermocouple wire? thanks Allan


Subject: Heater Element Failure Rate
Reply Posted by: B.W.Dudley ( )
Organization: Reliability Analysis Center
Date Posted: Wed Nov 28 15:19:22 US/Eastern 2001
After searching several libraries of data, I found a reference to a heater element. I do not know if this data is the same category that you asked for, namely heater element at 1300 degrees C. The value that I found is 0.02 failures per million hours. The environment was considered to be ground benign which is tightly controlled temperature and humidity levels.

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