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Date Posted: Mon Aug 31 12:47:36 US/Eastern 1998

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Posted by: Chris Armetta ( )
Date posted: Tue Jun 18 11:57:24 US/Eastern 2002
Subject: Markov Modeling and European Reliability
We are working with several customers from Europe that are starting to ask for some analysis that is unique. Such things as Markov Modeling, FMECA with that modeling and Accelerated life testing for determining in use MTBF. This is usually above what US companies are asking. My question is this. Is the European standards (what are they) different that US standards (what are they) for commercial industry? I am begining to suspect that Europe and the US are diverging with regards to how we evaluate a product and required or commonly asked for reliability results.


Subject: European Reliability
Reply Posted by: Ken Burgess ( )
Organization: L-3 Communications Integrated Systems
Date Posted: Tue Jun 18 17:10:00 US/Eastern 2002
The documents used in Europe are Allied Reliability and Maintainability Program (ARMP) 1 thru 8. Each dash number is a separate volume. However, each country may have modifying or incorporating documents depending on their acquisition strategies. For instance, the UK uses the Defence Standard (Def Stan) 00-40 Part series to implement the ARMP. Def Stan 00-40 Part 1 implements ARMP-1, Def Stan 00-40 Part 2 implements ARMP-2 and so on thru 8. Def Stan 00-41 thru 00-49 defines the UKs R&M program. Def Stans can be downloaded from Some ARMPs were available on You are correct in that they do require documentation not necessarily requested in the US today. Hope this helps.

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