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Topic: Reliability & Maintainability Questions and Answers

Topic Posted by: Reliability & Maintainability Forum ( )
Organization: System Reliability Center
Date Posted: Mon Aug 31 12:47:36 US/Eastern 1998

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Posted by: Daniel Mahoney ( )
Organization:Draper Laboratory
Date posted: Thu Jul 22 11:23:51 US/Eastern 1999
Subject: MEMS Reliability
I am interested in where the reliability community has gone in the area or Micro Electrical/Mechanical Systems (MEMS). Have any reliability prediction models been developed (or are people just using the hybrid model)? Has there been enough testing to generate initial failure rate info? Any and all comments would be appreciated.


Subject: MEMS Reliability
Reply Posted by: Seymour Morris ( )
Organization: Reliability Analysis Center
Date Posted: Mon Jul 26 12:33:51 US/Eastern 1999
There are no known reliability models for estimating the failure rate of MEMS devices. The technology has not been in existence long enough to collect the data required for model development. However, there has been research on MEMS failure modes. Some examples include: Failure modes in surface micromachined microelectromechanical actuators Miller, S.L.; Rodgers, M.S.; LaVigne, G.; Sniegowski, J.J.; Clews, P.; Tanner, D.M.; Peterson, K.A., Reliability Physics Symposium Proceedings, 1998 Reliability and long term stability of MEMS, Brown, S.B.; Jansen, E. Advanced Applications of Lasers in Materials Processing/Broadband Optical Networks/Smart Pixels/Optical MEMs and Their Applications. IEEE/LEOS 1996 Summer Topical Meetings: Page(s): 9 -10

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