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Date Posted: Mon Aug 31 12:47:36 US/Eastern 1998

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Posted by: Izzy Miller ( )
Date posted: Fri Mar 4 9:10:24 US/Eastern 2005
Subject: Year of Manufacture in RELX PRISM Model
RELEX allows for a prediction parameter for the "Year of Manufacture" when using PRISM. Is this the actual year that the specific device and Lot were manufactured or the year that the device first came into being manufactured. The default is the present year (2005. RELEX only allows one year to be entered though the PIg in PRISM is an exponential function of both the year of manucture and the base year of manufacture. Any help would be appreciated.


Subject: PRISM Year of Manufacture
Reply Posted by: David Dylis ( )
Organization: Reliability Analysis Center (RAC)
Date Posted: Mon Mar 7 13:13:27 US/Eastern 2005
The year of manufacture is the year that a system or component is or will be manufactured (NOT when it was first introduced to market). If the system being analyzed is comprised of subsystems or components that have been manufactured within different years then this should be taken into account. Users may currently select a “Year of Manufacture” between 1993 and 2005.

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