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Date Posted: Mon Aug 31 12:47:36 US/Eastern 1998

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Posted by: Uma
Date posted: Fri Sep 30 15:40:47 US/Eastern 2005
Subject: Qualifying suppliers
Hi, Does anybody have an example of a supplier questionnaire that we can use to qualify the devices we are buying? For eg. questions like "what is the predicted reliability of the device?" "How was it derived?" "Has this been tested?" "How accurately does your field returns mimic this prediction"? "What is done to assure reliability during the design process? etc etc Is there a standard that can be used? Thanks for your help in advance.

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Subject: FDL RITA
Reply Posted by: Larry George ( )
Organization: Problem Solving Tools
Date Posted: Sun Oct 2 14:02:58 US/Eastern 2005
Sorry about FDL RITA. Supplier responses to my requests for field reliability info. ranged from: 0. "Our product is reliable." 1. "The MTBF prediction is X,000,000 hours." 2. "We tested 20 units at X00 degrees, and none failed." 3. "We don't track units by serial number, so we can't estimate field reliability." [WRONG] 4. "We would love to share our our field data with you, but let me talk with our lawyers first." If you would like to read more, check and The letter request in my previous reply results in constructive, successful sharing of field reliability information, both for vendors and for the companies I have worked for. Vendors learn their parts' reliabilities in our products, and we learn their parts' reliabilities in other products.

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