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Date Posted: Mon Aug 31 12:47:36 US/Eastern 1998

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Posted by: Sadat
Date posted: Mon Mar 5 15:42:37 US/Eastern 2007
Subject: Lead-free Solder Joint Reliability
Lead-free solder joints (RoHS initiativet)

Are these joints reliable for long-term operation taking into account the environment the equipment goes in (CO, CPE or Outdoor)?

Is the long-term reliability restricted to certain packaging styles (BGA, PLCC, TSOP etc.) or the board material (FR-4, ceramic)?

Are these devices free of hazardous substances reliable for long term.


Subject: Lead Free Solder
Reply Posted by: bwd
Date Posted: Mon Mar 5 17:15:34 US/Eastern 2007
Lead free solder joints should be reasonably reliable if manufactured properly with a solder content that prohibits tin whisker growth. Manufacturing processes with lead free material require the use of higher temperatures to flow the lead free substances, so temperature sensitive components are in danger of being over stressed unless special manufacturing care is taken. Whiskers growth can occur if high levels of tin are used as the solder without other plating material. The result could be a catastrophic failure in an electronic unit, such as, the problem that occurred on the Galaxy 4 satellite. There is much information on the web about this subject and one source is: Electronic Products Magazine []

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