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Date Posted: Mon Aug 31 12:47:36 US/Eastern 1998

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Posted by: Arun Kumar
Date posted: Mon Mar 5 16:22:26 US/Eastern 2007
Subject: Age of Electronics Assembly
How do we determine the Age (useful life) of electronic assembly / system. Is the Age (useful life)same as MTBF for repairable system. If not, how do we relate MTBF and Age.


Subject: RE : Age of Electronics Assembly
Reply Posted by: Rushabh
Date Posted: Tue Mar 6 5:49:54 US/Eastern 2007
Hi Arun, MTBF would not be definitely useful age. Because if we assume exponential distribution 63% of the items are suppose to fail MTBF time. Now to derive useful life there can be another approach. Find the time when equipment is 95% reliable, this may give rough idea of useful life. Subjectively one can even find the life limiting component and the top ranker LLC can be used to estimate the useful life because LLC is expected to fail early. This might be bit controversial because ultimately failures are random in nature in exponential distribution. But statically suggested approach will give confidence because for space critical applications also similar approach is generally used. Rushabh

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