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Topic Posted by: Reliability & Maintainability Forum ( )
Organization: System Reliability Center
Date Posted: Mon Aug 31 12:47:36 US/Eastern 1998

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Posted by: Hei-Ruey Harry Jen ( )
Date posted: Fri Dec 10 13:46:48 US/Eastern 1999
Subject: Minimum SiN passivation thickness
I have always used the 0.5 Ám thick SiN as the guideline for chip passivation. Is there any publication actually prove that is the minimum thickness for a moisture barrier? Please give me the source if you know. Thanks.

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Subject: Minimum SiN Passivation Thickness
Reply Posted by: Kevin Houle ( )
Organization: Dow Corning Coroporation
Date Posted: Wed Sep 6 11:47:01 US/Eastern 2000
.5um is the standard thickness of SiN passivation; but I believe there are other factors which dictate the need for that thickness; such as SiN suseptability to pin holes and it's confomal coating charcteristics with certain device topographies (coating could be thinner than .5um in corners and on side walls). Dow Corning's Advanced Passivation Technology team has completed much research on an Alternative Passivation material that has many advantages over SiN (hydrophobic, Dk=4.5, Intrinsic stress 200Mpa, more scratch resistant, no pin holes). Our Passivation has also proven to with stand 1000hrs of HAST testing (130C/85%RH)with less than 5% failure. If you are interested let me know. Meanwhile, I believe you find that .5um will be the thinnest you will want to go with SiN to maintain a the best passivation properties that SiN an provide. I wish you the Best in your efforts. Take care.

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