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Posted by: Leroy Meyers ( )
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Date posted: Mon Feb 26 15:47:55 US/Eastern 2001
Subject: Press Fit Connectors
For a new design, we need a 160 pin connector for a motherboard. In the past, we used 96 pin MIL connectors that could be solder connected to the board. Now it seems that only the Press Fit style is available (a DIN variation). This is for a Military Aircraft application. 1. How would I model the connecTIONS in MIL-HDBK-217F (section 17.1)? Is this considered crimp? 2. I looked in Prism for RAC data, but there is nothing called Press Fit. Would 'Pressure Type' be appropriate? 3. From a practical standpoint, how would these press fit connectors hold up in my environment as compared to the solder version? Any experience out there? Note: I will be on vacation for the remainder of this week.


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