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Posted by: Lim ( )
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Date posted: Sun Jul 29 22:17:45 US/Eastern 2001
Subject: Use of COTS equipment in Military environment
Hi, I have a question regarding the use of commercially-of-the-shelf (COTS) equipment in a military vehicle and environment. For e.g. we use a COTS equipment (say a modem)and shock mount it on the racks of the military vehicle. The vehicle is air-conditioned and the COTS is non-operating during movement to the deployment site. Once at the site, the equipment is powered on and operated. If the MTBF of the COTS modem is 13,000hrs (based on GB environment as given by the supplier), can i still use this figure in my MTBF prediction or do i need to degrade it by a certain factor. If there is a need to degrade it by a certain figure, is there any reference that provide this factor? Would appreciate it if anybody could provide some advice. Rgds.


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