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Posted by: Chris Wright ( )
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Date posted: Mon Sep 10 15:18:41 US/Eastern 2001
Subject: PRISM - Software or Methodology? Why so secret?
I have installed the PRISM Demo and it hasn't helped me at all to decide to purchase it. I see input forms for models with a whole bunch of Pi-factors aka MIL-HDBK-217. But what are they? Where are the technical papers that describe these models in detail? When folks ask for detailed info, all I see for responses is quotes from the brochure. It is not acceptable to me to use something because "it has gained wide acceptance". Maybe they have only gained acceptance because they result in lower failure rates. I don't know. If these models were developed under an Air Force contract, why are they being treated as proprietary? I wouldn't mind buying a technical book that describes them. But why can I only get the models if I buy your software? I am thinking of putting in a request under the Freedom of Information Act. A frustrated Reliability Engineer (16+ years experience)


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