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Posted by: Glen Hanington ( )
Organization:Elgar Electronics Corp.
Date posted: Thu Feb 17 14:00:36 US/Eastern 2005
Subject: Accelerated Life Testing
I am looking to prove a 50,000 hour MTBF for a power supply design in as short a time and most cost effective way possible. The product is rated to 50degC. Each one is large and bulky, and costs several thousand dollars to produce, so having a large quantity of units on an accelerated life test at constant temperature would be prohibitive in both cost and temperature chamber availability. I would like to be able to increase my rate of failure precipitation by employing both input power and temperature cycling. While I understand that the Arrhenius equation can only be used to accomodate a single constant acceleration factor, has anyone ever been able to justify this approach to speed up the process? What would be required in order to justify this technique? How does it affect confidence level determination? What would be your recommendation?


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