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Posted by: Rushabh
Date posted: Mon Mar 5 16:06:00 US/Eastern 2007
Subject: How to test Long Term Drift (Electroncis Assembly)
Let me first explain the electronics product. It is similar to pressure transmitter which measures the product and send the data in digital form. The product is using microcontroller based architecture to filter out data and to process the data.

The product is expected to work for 7 years without significant output parameter drift in performance. Here drift is of major concern because of high accuracy desired out of product. Main concern of drift parameters is the output should not go out of range due to drift in measuring electronics or processing electronics for know inputs. We would like to define a test which would measure/ test long term drift ( approx. 7 years ) for the product in given test time of 1000 hrs. to 2000 hrs. Test time is hypothetical looking for expert advise in this.

To define the test I first looked at semiconductor component level drift test. What I found out is output parameter drift is measure for constant input parameter for typical 1000 hrs and it is projected as drift. Some papers provides a justification on this technique by assuming that chip material stabilize within 1000 hrs so there won’t be major drift expected after 1000 hrs. I believe this method is valid for semiconductor so bit reluctant on applying it to electronics assembly. “ EXPERT SUGGESTION REQUESTED ON APPLICABILITY OF THIS TECHNIQUE TO ELECTRONICS ASSEMBLY”

If anyone can help to identify the standard or industry known technique to measure long term / short term drift of electronics assembly then it would be great. Major Challenges :

1 ) Share any standard/guideline info. to measure long term drift of electronics assembly 2 ) What should be test time in this type of test ? 3 ) What should be input parameter pattern CONSTANT / VARYING ?? 4 ) Is there anyway test time can be squeezed by elevating test temperature ??

Any more inputs required to answer this please revert back.

Thanking You in anticipation, Rushabh


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