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Posted by: Mary Priore ( )
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Date posted: Mon Mar 5 18:25:21 US/Eastern 2007
Subject: MEMS Reliability Study
Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS) represent a revolution in microfabrication, able to transform nearly every industry it touches. First associated with airbag sensors and ink jet heads, MEMS have now invaded applications as diverse as household robots and military munitions. They facilitate the creation of “smart” products, in which the computational ability of microelectronics is expanded with the perception and control capabilities of micron-sized sensors and actuators. Their unprecedented levels of functionality, reliability and sophistication, combined with the low costs of large-scale fabrication may put MEMS into every toy, appliance and consumer electronics product. Like all emerging technologies, however, MEMS has its share of challenges. In particular, the microscopic nature of MEMS reveals new failure mechanisms and modes not normally encountered in macro-scale components. The System Reliability Center (SRC) is currently looking for reliability test, field experience, and failure mode/mechanism data on Microelectromechanical (MEMs) devices. The types of reliability data required include but are not limited to Qualification, Test, and Field Experience. Ideally the data should include the quantity of devices, number of failures, device hours and/or test/environment stresses imposed on the devices. SRC will provide a complimentary electronic PDF copy of the recent SRC publication, Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMs) (Sunada, 2005) to organizations providing MEMs reliability data that can used in a current research study. For more information on how to submit data, please contact . The SRC realizes that it is very important for the reliability community to have access to accurate reliability data. We currently have over 100 active resources of reliability data. SRC is always investigating new sources of reliability and maintainability data for systems, equipment, assemblies, and components. Data of interest includes field failure, maintenance, and test data for commercial and military systems/components.


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