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Posted by: Sheila Prather ( )
Organization:Northrop Grumman Corp
Date posted: Thu Apr 19 16:23:16 US/Eastern 2007
Subject: Mean Time Between Event vs. MTBF
I have a requirement to compute MTBE and Eavg. MTBE is the system prediction of the Mean Time Between Event, and Eavg is the predicted mean time to correct an Event. An Event is defined as either a Failure, a Maintenance Jam or and Operator Jam. Mean Time to Correct an Event (Eavg) is the average down time associated with an Event, including maintenance personnel or operator response time, time to diagnose the problem, repair or jam clearing time, and restart time. Can you recommend a methodology to get from predicted MTBF to MTBE? I would assume I would have to apply some factor to account for jams that might occur on the equipment, but not aware of any recommended factors.


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