Article Submission Instructions

If you are interested in contributing to the SRC Journal, please follow the steps below:

  1. Contact the SRC Journal Editor for pre-approval of your topic.
  2. Upon approval, download and follow the Guidelines for Prospective Authors.
  3. Complete and submit the forms included in the Guidelines.
  4. Obtain Public Release Authorization as appropriate and fax or mail to SRC.
  5. E-mail your article, along with all artwork attachments to the SRC Journal Editor.
  6. E-mail or call SRC Editor or Journal Staff with any questions.

Note: Submission of articles to SRC implies you agree to the conditions listed below.

Conditions for Articles

  1. The SRC does not compensate authors for accepted articles.
  2. The SRC Journal prefers articles that have not been previously published in another publication. Others will be accepted on a case-by-case basis. When such articles are accepted, it is the author's responsibility to obtain necessary permissions from the original publication.
  3. Articles must not contain any classified, proprietary, or sensitive information.
  4. All articles submitted by government employees and contractors must be: Distribution Statement A: Unlimited Distribution.
  5. Authors or their affiliated companies must be the sole owners of the article. Authors must have written permission from their company to publish the article if such permission is required by company policy.
  6. Authors must have written permission to use other copyrighted information or data in their article.
  7. No conditions or constraints may be placed on the publication or distribution of the SRC Journal as a condition of publishing the article.
  8. The Editor of the SRC Journal reserves the right to edit all articles for readability and for length. Revisions will be coordinated with authors to ensure that the authors' meaning has not been changed and no technical inaccuracies have been introduced.
  9. The Editor will make the final determination of the acceptability of an article and in which issue it will be published.

Contacting SRC Journal Staff

Alion Science & Technology
Attn: SRC Journal Editor
201 Mill Street
Rome, New York 13440
Phone: (315) 339-7135
E-mail: SRC Journal Editor

System Reliability Center
Attn: SRC Journal Staff
201 Mill Street
Rome, New York 13440
Phone: (315) 339-7094
E-mail: SRC Journal Staff