SRC's Reliability Jackknife

Introducing SRCís Reliability Jackknife Ė a PDA reliability application for decision makers on the move.

SRC's Reliability Jackknife contains 8 tools and 5 databases that support split second reliability based decision making whether in a design review or during concept development.

If you need answers to the following questions at your finger tips without a laptop or text book, then SRC's Jackknife is for you:

  • What Confidence do I have in the Sampling Test Results?
  • How many Samples must I test to limit my risk before committing to full scale production?
  • How many failures can I expect to see during the warranty period?
  • What is the estimate of a partís failure rate when used in a different environment?
  • If I add redundancy to my system, how does that lower my failure risk?
  • What do Reliability plots look like given user inputs?
  • What is the payback period on a redesign for user defined production levels and investments?
  • What is the reliability of a part for various segments of warranty?
  • What derating parameters should I apply to my part to reduce life cycle costs?
  • What do various R&M acronyms and terms mean?

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Jackknife currently includes the following modules in the integrated application:

  • Binomial Sampling Calculator
  • Repairable System Poisson Calculator
  • Failure Rate Environmental Factor Converter
  • Availability Calculator
  • Effective System Failure Rate Calculator
  • Reliability Distribution Graphing
  • Reliability Distribution Solver
  • Re design Return on Investment Calculator

Jackknife Reference Databases:

  • R&M Acronyms
  • Generic Part Failure Rates
  • Generic Part Failure Mode Ratios
  • Part Derating Parameter
  • R&M Glossary

Minimum Requirements

  • Palm OS 4.0 or higher

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