What your colleagues are saying about the SRC Training Program

"The course completely served its objective. I feel that I have all the knowledge needed in order to set-up a company reliability program. This is, after I review the handout material several more times to absorb the key points."

"The course exceeded my expectations, leaving nothing out. Excellent exercise problems."

"One of the best classes I have ever seen on reliability from product conception through development and mature product RCM methods. Mr. Hetherington is an excellent presenter. I enjoyed the class very much."

"I found the specific examples enlightening and sometimes amusing. The instructors have extensive experience to draw on. This is the third course I've attended and I will be back for more!"

"This course exceeded my expectations!"

"The course was presented in a well thought out manner that should make it easier to actually implement/establish reliability measures and plans. The instructor made good use of real-world and student data for use during class. This course has an emphasis on practical methods and that is important to someone who will have to go back and actually do software reliability tasks."

"Good presentation methods - Mr. Fuqua was very approachable and open to questions."

"Good to get an industry perspective on software reliability - being a government employee, it gives me some things to look for (current projects) and to plan for in future acquisitions."

"Mr. Hetherington has an excellent knowledge of the subject material."

"I was very impressed with Dr. Nelson, because of his excellent teaching style. He clearly tried to educate the audience to many subtle issues and concepts. I am very grateful for this. Also, his wealth of experience and the humorous way he relayed his experiences made this the best tutorial/class I have ever taken! I will recommend this class to statisticians and test engineers at my workplace."

"Mr. Fuqua was very knowledgeable and able to present the material in an understandable manner."

"Ann Marie Neufelder is a brilliant communicator and presenter, she speaks from experience."

"Patrick Hetherington is a top-notch instructor, knowledgeable and dynamic speaker! This was the best seminar I've ever attended. The course material was interesting, in-depth and the class moved right along."

"I was very happy with the course and materials, as I have very little experience with software reliability or generating SW. Ms. Neufelder taught with sufficient examples to grasp concepts without SW intensive coding examples for a beginner, but also I could tell challenged those with SW backgrounds."

"Thanks, I am glad I attended! Dr. Nelson is an obvious expert in the field."

"Mr. Fuqua is an extremely knowledgeable instructor, I learned a lot in a condensed time frame."

"I have had virtually no exposure to software reliability. The course has met or exceeded my expectations in all aspects of software reliability that I perceived, and introduced many aspects I had not perceived. Overall course rating - excellent!"

"As a mechanical engineer, my area of concern is fully satisfied by the Mechanical Reliability Course."

"Thank you - very useful course. It gave a good overview on reliability."

"Great class! Excellent repertoire of examples helped to supplement understanding."

"Excellent subject knowledge, good insight. I would highly recommend the SRC Training Program."

"I was very pleased with the course. My objective in attending this course was to learn the fundamental requirements necessary for implementing an effective software reliability program at my organization. I feel that I am now prepared to design and implement a ground level program that will start our organization off in the right direction."

"Ms. Neufelder is an outstanding instructor - she speaks from experience."

"Outstanding, she fielded some very difficult questions."

"Great overview of the tools and techniques available for performing software reliability analysis."

"Best reliability class that I've been to. Gave me a good feel for what I need to do when I return to my office."

"Thanks for all the SRC's work and dedication in the past, present and future."