Released April 2006

SPIDR™ is the NEW Alion System Reliability Center (SRC) comprehensive database of reliability and test data for systems and components. SPIDR, is an acronym for System and Part Integrated Data Resource.

SPIDR is a revolutionary replacement for these outdated reliability data resources:

Nonelectronic Part Reliability Data (NPRD-95)
Electronic Part Reliability Data (EPRD-97)
Failure Mode and Mechanism Distributions (FMD-97)
Electrostatic Discharge Susceptibility Data 1995 (VZAP)
with more than double the amount of data and updated on an annual basis!!

SRC maintains extensive quantitative and qualitative databases on components and systems from numerous industry and government test and field sources. The extensive amount of data included within SPIDR is testament to SRC's commitment to collecting reliability data over the last 37 years as the Reliability Analysis Center (RAC).

PC and server based options of SPIDR are available. The software includes an interactive user interface, graphical reports, extensive on-line help and a user manual. Cost is as follows:

PC Version:

1 Year Maintenance Contract $395
2 Year Maintenance Contract $695
3 Year Maintenance Contract $895

Server Version (Contact SRC for availability):

$3495 (Includes Three Seats) + $500 for each additional seat required
1 Year Maintenance Contract - 20% of site license
2 Year Maintenance Contract - 35% of site license
3 Year Maintenance Contract - 45% of site license

SRC realizes that it is very important for the reliability community to have access to accurate reliability data. We currently have over 100 active resources of reliability data and reviews for accuracy and completeness are performed throughout the data collection, summarization, and analysis processes.

SRC is always investigating new sources of reliability and maintainability data for systems, equipment, assemblies, and components. Data of interest includes field failure, maintenance, and test data for commercial and military systems/components. SRC will provide discounts to SPIDR for any organization willing to share their data with SRC. For more information on how to submit data or for more information on the SPIDR database, please contact the SPIDR Program Manager at 315-339-7055.

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