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When Importing into PRISM, I get "Import Failed. Error 104." What happened?
A common error that occurs when setting up a file for import, is to add ".00" to the Quantity. Since this is not recognized as a whole number, it will cause an error during import.

Alternatively, if the file having containing the data is open (i.e.: in Word or Excel), an error will also occur. It is always a good idea to close the files you are working with before importing them so that no conflicts arise when PRISM reads the files.

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After installing the PRISM Demo, I try to run the program and get "Unable to connect to Common Elements Database, terminating..." What do I do?
You need to go to the control panel and open the BDE Administrator located there. You may need your IT Department's assistance if you do not have access rights to this portion of your computer.
Please check the following:

  1. That there are five (5) database aliases starting with "PRISMDemo." (Left side of the screen)
  2. That for each of the above mentioned aliases, the Database Name (right side of the screen) is correctly pointing to the right location for the database.
  3. The following configuration property is set properly: (Configuration Tab - Left Side) Configuration, Drivers, Native, MSACCESS (Right Side) DLL32 = IDDA3532.DLL
If everything is as described, please Contact the SRC for further assistance.

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