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Reliability Toolkit -Commercial Practices Edition

Domestic Price: $25.00
Foreign Price: $35.00
Publication Date: 10/13/1995

SRC-HDBK-1000: The "Reliability Toolkit: Commercial Practices Edition" is intended to help both the commercial and military sectors deal with developing and manufacturing reliable products in today's competitive world. The reliability world is changing; no longer are the commercial and military industry approaches distinct. For years the military has had its advocates for the use of Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) equipment and Nondevelopmental Items (NDI), but now the military use of commercial designs is required. The June 1994 Secretary of Defense Perry memorandum officially changed the way the military develops and acquires systems. Military standards and specifications are out (except with a waiver) and commercial practices are in. The Reliability Toolkit addresses the use of best commercial practices and how to comply with the Perry memorandum. Over 80 topics, representing every aspect of a product's reliability over its life cycle, have been well received by nearly 7,000 Toolkit owners