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System and Part Integrated Data Resource

Domestic Price: $1,995.00
Foreign Price: $1,995.00
Publication Date: 03/27/2006

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SPIDR is a comprehensive database of reliability and test data for systems and components. SPIDR, an acronym for System and Part Integrated Data Resource, replaces four world renowned resources (NPRD, EPRD, FMD, and VZAP). SPIDR contains system and component field data, environmental and life test data, susceptibility to electrostatic discharge (ESD), and failure modes and mechanisms. Field failure data is presented in both operational and calendar hours. Detailed system and component information includes part number(s), manufacturer, date code, part stresses, usage environment and environmental stresses.

The SPIDR database contains data on over 6000 different types of mechanical and electronic components and systems. SPIDR includes:

Data from 33 different usage environments
> 200K field failure data records
Test results for > 82K systems and components
Over 50K electrostatic discharge susceptibility test results
Failure modes and mechanisms for >27K systems and components

SRC recommends the purchase of SPIDR maintenance. The purchase of a maintenance agreement assures that your data remains current (SPIDR data is updated annually). Software and technical support is also provided by phone, fax and email