SRC's Training Courses

SRC, in cooperation with our industry partners, offers training programs designed to give our customers a firm understanding of the tools and techniques needed to design and maintain reliable systems and equipment. SRC has been offering courses in reliability and related disciplines for over 25 years. At the same time, SRC performs engineering and consulting services for hundreds of government and industry organizations annually. This combination of practical problem resolution, coupled with training expertise, results in very effective training programs.

Most of SRC's Training is performed on-site and is customized to meet your special needs. This offers the best value for organizations training three or more individuals.

Course Details

Electronic Design Reliability (0.01M)
This intensive course is structured for all key participants in the reliability engineering process and deals with both the theoretical and practical applications of reliability.
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Mechanical Design Reliability (0.01M)
Designed for the practitioner, this course covers the theory of mechanical reliability, demonstrates the supporting mathematical theory, and presents practical applications to system and component reliability.
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Reliability Engineering Statistics (0.01M)
This applications-oriented course covers the main statistical methods used in reliability and life data analysis, starting with an overview of probability and reliability theory followed by a discussion of the primary discrete and continuous distributions used in reliability data analysis.
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SRC training options include open registration standard courses and custom in-house courses tailored to impact those areas which are most critical to your organization's goals.

For further information regarding SRC's training courses, contact the System Reliability Center at 1-888-722-8737 or 315-337-0900.