Analysis of "One-Shot" Devices

A "One-Shot" device is defined as a product, system, weapon or equipment that can only be used once. After use, the device is destroyed or must undergo extensive rebuild before being used again.

Reliability analysis of "One-Shot" devices is based on the binomial distribution. The Binomial distribution requires a set of calculations that can be tedious, time consuming and can easily result in errors. SRC has developed two tools for the SRC user: Tables that can be viewed and/or downloaded to approximate the number of samples required for a given proportion defective to achieve a desired confidence level; and a calculator that can determine the precise confidence level and an approximate number of samples or number of rejects allowed to satisfy a set of given conditions.

For further information on the background, concepts and the Binomial distribution, go to the SRC START sheet, Analysis of "One-Shot" Devices, volume 7, number 4.

The Binomial Calculator